Badges - How to create different types

There are 2 different ways of creating/assigning badges:

1. Through MISSIONS (this creates a badge that is obtained when completing a mission) --> When creating a mission, you can create a badge that will be linked to this specific mission. The badge created from this mission will only be triggered by completing this specific mission.

2. Through BADGES (this creates a badge that is not linked to a specific mission) --> Going to “Badges” and create one of the available kinds of badges. The badges created this way are not linked to a particular mission.

1.  Creating a MISSION and a BADGE at the same time.

  • Go to Admin --> Missions --> Create new
  • Select the option “Badge” – by doing this the badge for this mission will be created.

Off = badge is not created 

On = badge is created

Now, you need to customize the badge, to display the text or image that corresponds to the specific mission

  • Go to Admin --> Badges
  • You can now edit the details of the badge, such as:

Badge title: is the title of the badge - it is the same both in admin and in the App.

How to obtain a badge: a short explanation for members to understand what is required to obtain the badge. It is possible to insert text and media (such as videos and gifs).

How badge was obtained: a short explanation for members to remember how the badge was obtained.   It is possible to insert text and media (such as videos and gifs).

Show in App: set badge as active = blue (possible to obtain for members) or inactive (not possible to obtain for members).

Icon: Is the badge icon displayed for members on the badge page.

Content type: This is the text or image/gif that will display after the badge has been obtained.

Content image: Insert image or gif

Content text: in case there is no need to insert an image or gif, it is possible to select "text" instead and leave "content text" input field empty.

Show locked: if this is active (blue), the badge is visible for members before they have obtained the badge. If inactive, the badge is not visible before being obtained, making it a sort of "Easter egg" badge.

Show unlocked: if this is active (blue), the badge is visible for members after they have obtained the badge. If inactive, the badge is not visible after they have obtained the badge. By default, we recommend setting this as active.

Show on profile picture: This will add a small crown icon on the member's profile pictures. We recommend that this stays inactive - and that it's only used for the badge called "Magic Mirror on the Wall"

Badge type: by default, when creating a mission badge, the name will show "Mission Completed".

2.  Creating a BADGE not linked to a MISSION.

This will create a BADGE which is not linked to a mission. This means that there will be other factors counting to trigger this badge, such as:

  • Reacting or commenting posts.
  • Completing "x" number of activities.
  • Onboarding all the people in a specific location.

The options that we will have to create this type of badge are the same, except for the last one:

*Badge type: when creating a badge not linked to missions, this menu will display now all the possible badges available, which are:

  • Lightning Flash
  • Moving fast
  • Social
  • Completed Activities by counts

To know more about the different types of badges, click here.

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