What are Visual Guides

Atobi's Visual Guides are perfect tool to help you control visual merchandise alignment remotely, reducing the costs of in-person visits and maximising sales. 

Why are Visual Guides so helpful?

Visual merchandising is the ultimate retail bait because it can increase the number of loyal customers in your store.  

You need your stores to be compliant to guidelines, from product placement to sale signage and floor plans, clear pricing, well-stocked shelves, simple displays and prominent sale signs. With all these elements aligned you will increase profits while improving the shopping experience for your customers. It's a win-win for all!

How the Visual Guides work?

It's a simple but effective process: 

  • Using the Admin Panel, you will create and share the guide with the store staff including detailed descriptions of what the department/store should look like. 
  • Then, the staff follows the Guide requirements.
  • And the staff shares images of the completed task
  • Finally, you check alignment of each single store directly from Atobi. You won't have to do in store visits! 

And that's it. The shopping experience for your customers is improved by only using the Atobi App. 

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