Content Creation Guidelines

1. Missions

Is a series of activities that test our knowledge about a product, or a concept.

It is a MICRO-learning that should take a few minutes to complete, besides being entertaining and fun.

It is the equivalent of training. 

Parts of a Mission

A Mission is made up of three parts:

  1. Mission → What contains everything: the Series and the Activities.
  2. Series → Parts into which the Mission will be divided. The series belongs to the Mission, and at the same time contains Activities.
  3. Activities → The actions needed to complete the training. It is necessary to complete each Activity to finish the Series and the Mission.

Types of activities

Type of Activity Description Atobi Recommendation

The person must answer a single question and/or upload an image/video to complete the activity.

The task must be completed, for them to see the responses of their colleagues.

They are open-ended questions, which can be used also to ask about a mission-related experience or opinion, such as:

✓ What have you learned about this mission?

✓ Congratulations! You are one step away from completing this mission, could you briefly tell us how you receive customers?


Requires the person to choose between multiple answers.

A Quiz must have at least 2 possible answers (1 correct and 1 incorrect).

 A quiz can have the "LOOP'' activated, which means that until the person finds the correct answer(s), they will not be able to continue to the next activity.

Multi-choice quizzes are a very useful tool to ask about specific data or an answer should be a challenge for the staff member, based on what has been learned, such as:

✓ What materials is this product made of?

a) Rubber

b) Polyester

c) Plastic

d) Methacrylate

File Requires a file to be downloaded/open to pass the activity. Once they have watched the video, they can continue with the mission. This is useful when there is, for example, a video that is mandatory to watch to move forward in the training.
Simple This activity is, as the name says, simple. The person will be able to continue without having to take any action. This type of activity is very appropriate to start or end a mission.


  • Use a maximum of 3 series, with no more than 7 activities each.
  • Use a combination of the different types of activities will make the Mission more challenging and less boring.
  • Keep the Mission easy and fun to learn.
  • Keep the text short so it's easier to read.
  • Add images/emojis/gifs to enrich the Mission.


👍 DO 👍 👎 DON'T 👎
Keep the text short Long texts without images
Use emojis Publish a lot of news on the same day and then none for several days.
Use images
Make News not just to share company-related news, but also to share internal or international brand/product events
Have a regular posting frequency


  • 🥳 Celebrate your teams!
    • Good performance should be celebrated, both for personal and team goals.
  • 🧑🏻‍🤝‍🧑🏾Introduce new colleagues
    • New vacancies? New hired? Inform your staff!
  • 🎉 Celebration time!
    • Everyone wants to celebrate something; it doesn't matter if it's a birthday, an anniversary, or any other special occasion worth celebrating.
  • 🏅 Time together
    • Share social activities/events to bring everyone closer!

3. Social Feed

👍 DO 👍 👎 DON'T 👎
Maintain a friendly and fun tone Use the Social Feed to share information strictly corporate.
Invite your colleagues to share photos of special occasions Writing inappropriate comments or disrespecting a coworker.


  • Managers commenting/reacting to posts from store staff boosts engagement +25%!

4. Wiki

Wiki pages are the place where everyone can always go to find information such as internal processes, company history, and culture, guides on products and materials, onboarding guides for new employees, etc.


Make wiki pages interactive and engaging by including images, videos, gifs, and/or files.

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