Complaints Module

Members have now the option to “Report” or “Hide” content, and also to “Block” a person on Atobi.

For members: 

If anyone finds a comment that they wish to report, they will have to click on the 3 dots on the right of the post, and 3 options will appear:

  • Block 
  • Report
  • Hide

Block: This option will censor social feed posts and comments, news posts and comments, Missions activities answers, and chat messages. 

Report: This option will allow the user to write and submit a report about the inappropriate behavior he encountered on the app. This report will be visible to admins on the admin dashboard, next to members management.

Hide: This option will hide specific content.

📝 Note: The difference between hiding and blocking a member is that hiding only hides that one specific content item, while blocking a member hides all the content (social feed posts and comments, news posts and comments, and mission answers) from that person.

For Admins:

Admins have access to the complaints panel on the admin dashboard. This way admins can manage all the reports.

Admins can have a full overview of the type of content that’s being reported: 

  • The reporter
  • The complaint type: a social feed post or comment, a news post or comment, etc.
  • The complaint reason: the actual report written by the reporter.
  • The complaint object: the actual piece of content including the user who created it.  

After reviewing the report, by clicking on “Actions”, admins will have 2 options:

  • Reject the issue - by rejecting the issue, admins can specify a reason for complaint rejection.
  • Mark it as “Resolved” 

📝 Note: Access to “Complaints” from the admin panel is regulated by Owners.

Members will not be notified when a complaint has been made, or when a report has been accepted or rejected.

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