How to create an Audience

An “Audience” in Atobi is the group of members that you publish articles to.

Create your Audience and save time next time you publish an Article.

Follow these steps to create your first Audience:

  • From your side-bar menu, select “Audiences”.
  • Click on “Create Audience” from the top-right corner of your “Audiences” page
  • Give your Audience a name

Suggestion: give the Audience a name that you (and your colleagues) can instantly recognize when you need to publish an article for this audience. Such as “Store Managers in Paris”. 

  • Select the Location/s (mandatory) and Profession/s (optional) that have to be part of your Audience.
    • In “Locations”, you search for e.g. "Paris"
    • You now click on the small + symbol (to select all the sub-locations in Paris - aka all the stores in the city).
    • In “Professions”, you search for “Store managers” and “Team Leaders” and select both.
    • Once you have selected Locations & Professions you will see a preview of who’s part of the audience.
    • Note: New members added to Atobi after you created the Audience will automatically join it based on their location & profession
    • Click on “Save Audience”

Congratulations! You have now created your Audience! 🥳

You will see your Audience in the list of those “Available” for you and you can use it when publishing an article🙂

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