Atobi Missions - How to start

Missions are to build and improve employee competencies.
A mission in the Atobi platform consists of three layers:
  • Missions
    • Series
      • Activities
The mission: Name and logo of the mission.
The Series:  String of activities. The member must complete the first activity to unlock the next. 
The Activities: Is a small task to do/write/answer.

Tips: Based on Atobi's experience, here is a list of best practices to make sure missions are successful in the organization:

  • No more than 7 activities per series.
  • No more than 4 Series per mission.
  • Every mission requires at least 1 series and 1 activity to be visible.
  • Mix the different types of activities in a series.
  • It is possible to change the order of the series and activities with a simple drag-and-drop.
  • Add a "social element" when people complete a mission, like "go to the social feed and share your opinion about this."
  • It is important to keep the missions as a funny and easy way to learn - less text and more focus on relevant things. The training needs to be easy to understand.
  • Break the training into small bites, and do the test. 
  • Add gifs and images to enrich the mission: Atobi has integration with Giphy.
  • When creating activities, you can choose between different types of activities. However, we recommend mixing it up to keep it interesting for the members.
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