How to Create Wiki Content

Wiki pages are designed to hold information that members should have access to at all times. It should also contain guides like employee handbooks or company values.
When deciding on the structure and navigation in the wiki section think in terms of Channels. Each main section is like a content channel.

Go to Admin -> Wiki -> "Create new."
A Wiki Page can either be a parent page or a child page:
  • Parent page: Is the top page.
  • Child page: Is the sub-page to the parent page.
To create a parent page follow the steps:
Parent page: Keep this as ‘No parent’.
Headline: Give the wiki page a headline
Locations: This determines members belonging to which locations have access to the page.

Professions: This determines members belonging to which professions have access to the page.

Content: Can include text and embedded videos, images, and gifs.
URL Add links. It is possible to add as many links as needed just by clicking on "Add link."
Text : To create an explanatory text for the link just added
Image : It is possible to add images to the article
Attachment: It is possible to attach a document, a picture, or a video to all Wiki articles.
Create: Click "Create," and the parent page will be visible in Wiki.
To create a child page:
Parent page: Pick a parent page from the drop-down list.
Follow the same steps as to create a parent page
Create: Click "Create," and the child page will be visible in Wiki.

It is always possible to reorder the structure of the pages - both parent and child pages. Read more about reordering here.

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