Create a New Member

To manage your employees, go to Admin -> Members -> Members. Click "Create new." 

To register a member, follow the steps:

Email: This is the user login.

First name:

Last name:

Phone: Adding a phone number allows you another way of contacting the member.

Status: Make the member visible in the app by clicking the active button (blue = active). To learn how to deactivate a member, click here.

Admin: This determines whether the member has admin privileges or not. We recommend only a few selected members get admin privileges.

Member location: The location the member is associated with. We recommend one location pr. member.

Member brand: This defines which brand-specific content the member can access, i.e., if your company has multiple brands in stores.

Member profession: Choose the members' profession. Example: Full-time employee, store manager, etc. To know more about professions, click here

Member language: Content in the app can be made in one or more languages. Set the language for the member. We recommend one language per member.

External member id: If your organization use members id's, you can input them here.

Send invitation email: Read more about sending emails here.