Create a New Member

To manage your employees, go to Admin -> Members -> Members. Click "Create new." 

To register a member, follow the steps:

Email: This is the user login.

First name:

Last name:

Phone: Adding a phone number allows you another way of contacting the member.

Status: Make the member visible in the app by clicking the active button (blue = active). To learn how to deactivate a member, click here.

Admin: This determines whether the member has admin privileges or not. We recommend only a few selected members get admin privileges.

Member location: The location the member is associated with. We recommend one location pr. member.

Member brand: This defines which brand-specific content the member can access, i.e., if your company has multiple brands in stores.

Member profession: Choose the members' profession. Example: Full-time employee, store manager, etc. To know more about professions, click here.

Member language: Content in the app can be made in one or more languages. Set the language for the member. We recommend one language per member.

External member id: If your organization use members id's, you can input them here.

Send invitation email: Read more about sending emails here.

It is possible that members report not having received the invitation or not having access to the app, but it may be that they are registered in the system, so before registering any member, it is important to check that they are indeed not registered in the system. 

How can you check this? 

Enter the member's email in the search box, and see if there are any results. Additionally, enter the full name of the member and see if there are any results. It may happen that the member is registered with a different email address.

After verifying that the member is not registered, you can proceed to register him in the system.

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