Languages & Translation

The Atobi platform supports multiple languages, which can be assigned to the members in different countries, and the missions in multiple languages.

Note: If a mission has no description in your set language, it will automatically revert to English.

The primary function of this setting in the Admin is to create the languages for Social Feed and Missions. When assigning a language to the member, they will only see the Social Feed, which is a part of the language group. In addition to that, if the activities of the mission are made in that language (choosing the correct tab while creating a mission) - the member will see the content of that language tab first (if there's nothing - they will see the default language, which is "English").

Be aware that this part of the Admin  does not change the language of the UI of the App nor has any direct influence on the translation functionality of the content in the App for the member. This is used only for separation of the Social Feed (in the case of many countries which need a separate Social Feed).

In case it is necessary to adapt some missions to different languages manually (e.g., translations misunderstandings and/or specific requirements for a specific Country), it is possible to fill the content in the specific language needed. 

The default language is "English," and it is not changeable.

Go to Admin -> Members -> Languages. Press "Create new"  and follow the steps.

Name: Write the name of the language.

Slug: Write a short abbreviation for the language.

Languages users: it is possible to assign members immediately in the "Language assigned to members" field.

Create: Press "Create," and the new languages are.  

In the current version of the App, members can translate the language in their profile setting in the App by changing the language in "Always Translate Text to."

This is not controlled via Admin, and the member can choose from any languages in the list.

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