How to Reset Passwords

In the unfortunate case that someone forgets the password to access Atobi, it is possible to solve the issue in 2 ways:

  1. Reset password when trying to access Atobi:
    • After entering the email, the person will be prompted to a page where to add the password.
    • When clicking on "Forgot Password?", the system will send a 6 digit code to the member's email so it's possible to reset the password and start again using Atobi. Keep in mind that this code will only last for 15 minutes, but don't worry! if you run out of time we can provide you with a new code. Just click "Forgot password?" again and then the system will send another 6-digit code to your email.

  2. Reset password manually from admin:
    • If for some reason the first option is not possible, admins can reset the password manually
      • Search for the member's name in "Members"
      • Click on "Actions"
      • Select "Reset password"
      • The system will automatically generate a password that can be shared with the member experiencing problems logging in
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