Audiences - Intro

An “Audience” in Atobi is the group of members that you publish articles to.

With Atobi, you can save an “Audience” so that you can re-use it as many times as you need instead of manually selecting the target of your article every time you need to publish something.

When publishing an article, adding an Audience is mandatory. You can pick an audience from the list or create a new one that matches your need.

Audiences are shared between editors with similar permissions. This means that if you’re Country Manager in Germany, then you will be able to see other editors’ audiences in Germany. But you will not see audiences in France. 

You will have a full overview of audiences available for you from the “Audiences” page.

Here you have a quick overview of each Audience’s details, such as:

  • Total amount of members part of it
  • Total amount of time zones covered
  • Professions & locations of the members in the Audience
  • Date of last Update
  • Name of who updated it last time

Tip: If uncertain about where an Audience is, use the “Search for Article” function at the top of the screen! 

Click here to learn more about “How to create an Audience”.

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