Create Email Templates

Go to Admin -> Members -> Email Templates. Press “Create new” and follow the steps:

Name: Name of the template, it is only visible in Admin.

Subject: Will be displayed as the subject in the email for the members.

Body: The content of the email. It is possible to write text, make headings and embed images/gifs.

Additionally, it is possible to copy/paste the variables to use them in the "Body." Remember to copy all of it:

  • [user_name]
  • [user_login]
  • [user_location] 
  • [user_email]
  • [user_language]
  • [set_password]
  • [ios_download_path] 
  • [reset_token].
A variable is a code that will be transformed into the correct information. For example: If you write “Dear [user_name],” this will be transformed into the specific member’s name when you send the mail. If you write “[ios_download_path],” this will be transformed into an Apple iOS download link.

Create: Press “Create.” to create the template. This will not send the mail.

To learn how to send an email template, click here
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