Roles control who can manage members and how much they can do. Roles are optional and can be customized based on your needs.


For each Role, you can enable/disable permissions. Current permissions are:

  • Create members
  • View members
  • Update members
  • Delete members
  • Archive members
  • Anonymize members
  • Restore members
  • Reset member's password
  • Reset member avatar

To know more about Delete, Archive and Anonymize, click πŸ‘‰ here πŸ‘ˆ

How to use it?

Using roles, you can give store managers the power to manage employees within their store. You can grant them permission to create and delete new employees or permission to just reset their passwords. You can also give a few HR managers complete access to managing employees. It's all up to you!

πŸ” Roles are optional, so if you don't add a role to your employees, they won't get permission to manage members at all.

Note: The "Member Manager" role is added to Owners by default. This grants all Owners all permissions with Local Access. This role cannot be removed. This is to secure that Owners always have access to managing members. To know more about this, click πŸ‘‰ here πŸ‘ˆ

How to create a Role

Only Owners can create new Roles. But all admins with access to creating and updating members can assign roles to others.

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Select "Roles" from the Organization Setup section
  3. Click "Create new"
  4. Name your role. We advise a name that describes its purpose.
  5. Enable/disable the needed permissions
  6. Select if the permissions should be Local or Global:
      • Local access: members can control other members in his/her location and all of the sub-locations of this location.
      • Global access: members can control all members in the organization regardless of their location.
  7. Save.

πŸ™Œ Yay! Now, the role is created, and you can assign it to members!

Note: If you update the role with new permissions, then members with that role will automatically get those permissions unlocked

If you do not see the Members page or the Edit button on members, you do not have the permissions. Contact your administrator to get the right permissions!

How to assign a Role to a member

If you wish to give members access to a Role, you do it by:

  1. Go to Admin
  2. Select Members
  3. Find the person you want to assign the Role to.
  4. Click on Edit
  5. Pick a Role from the list

Now, the person will be granted the permissions specified in the role.

Important notes:

If a user does not have any role assigned the scope is defined by the local/global setting of the user.

Please remember, that a Role is always of the most importance in regards to local/global scope.

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