Create new members from Web app

From the Members page in webapp, you can see and manage members. What you and others can do is tied to their specific role. You can create multiple roles and attach them to members.

This means that you for example can have Store Managers who can reset and create new passwords for their own store staff. You could also expand the Store Managers permissions and allow them to create and delete new members in the store.

Our Roles system is very flexible and allows you to customize it to your needs.

Where to find it?

From , click on "Members" on the left.

From here, based on your "Role" access (click ๐Ÿ‘‰ here ๐Ÿ‘ˆto know more) you can have an overview of the members!  

How to use it

If you need, for example, to add a new person, simply click on "Add coworker", and enter all the necessary information. And don't forget to save!

But thatโ€™s not the only thing you can do!

By clicking on the 3 dots at the right side of a member, you can find different options:

  • Show
  • Edit
  • Archive
  • Anonymize
  • Delete
  • Reset password

๐Ÿ” Access to all these settings is regulated by the "Role" you have assigned, If you think you don't have the right access, get in touch with your HQ!

Adding members

If you selected for a member an invitation email, they will receive an email and can follow the steps to log in.

In case you add co-workers without selecting an invitation email, they will need to download the Atobi app on their devices, and request to reset password.

Reset password

You can help members who might have forgotten their password, by creating a new password for them.

Here you have 2 different options. 

If you choose โ€œAuto-generate passwordโ€ a password will be generated by the system. You will need to copy and save this password, and then share it with the member. 

If you choose โ€œCreate a passwordโ€ you must manually create a password. Make sure to copy and save it, so you can share it with the member. 

With either of the 2 options you can also choose if the member needs to create a new password when logging in.

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