Locations Hierarchy

In Atobi, Locations follow a hierarchy, to help you organize content and structure your Audiences (click πŸ‘‰ here πŸ‘ˆ to know more)

Note: only Owners have access to this setting! πŸ‘‰ here to know moreπŸ‘ˆ

Go to Admin ➑️ Location ➑️ Hierarchy

The hierarchy in Atobi follows this structure:
  1. Region
  2. Country
  3. Area
  4. Store

To create a new location, click β€œCreate new,” and follow the steps:

Name: The name of the location.
Location type: This decides the type of location, e.g., Area, Store, etc.
Parent location: The parent location determines under which location the location in the phase of creation falls. For example, a Store can belong to an Area.
Address: Determines the area of the world the location belongs to. It is important for time of scheduled articles!. To know more about location "Address" click  here
Location members: To quickly add members to a specific location - if needed.
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