Atobi Connect - How to receive articles

Situation: you are a retailer. You work with a lot of Brands, and you are receiving content from all over the world in every form: videos, PDFs, word documents, emails, and so on.

How do you pass it down to your staff?

Well, if you are working with Brands connected to Atobi, your life is destined to become much (really much!) easier now!

With Atobi Connect, the Brand has just shared an article with you (click here to know more about Articles).

You will receive the preview of that article in your Atobi Connect Inbox 

What happens now?

Now you have to review the article you have received.

Why? Well, it’s always good to make sure you are targeting the right audience (click here to know more) for every article you share with your staff πŸ™‚

Once you start reviewing an article, you will have the full overview of any message directed to you that the brand shared together with it.

And now you have 2 ways to proceed

  1. You can β€œReject” the Article. Maybe you don’t have that specific product in your stores, which means it will have no relevance for your staff.
  2. You can β€œApprove” the Article.
    1. Once the article is approved, you can then make the changes you need, translate it, target the right audience and decide when it should be published!

And to answer your question: yes, that's all!

We told you - your life is much easier now, isn’t it? 😏

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